Spillinator and subs

In this version, the hook-ups are moved to the corners and placed on towers. Submarines carry tanks of oil from the spillinator to the surface, where the oil is offloaded onto tanker ships. The submarines then carry the tanks back to the spillinator.

The tanks appear to be about twice the volume of a TEU. That’s 2720 cubic feet, or 77 cubic meters, or 19,244 gallons. It would take approximately four hundred seconds to fill a tank if there were only one tank. So on average, each tank will be there for about twenty-four to twenty-eight minutes.

At $2 a gallon, each tank would be $40,000 of oil.

There is lots of room for modification in this drawing, and I’d also like to do an animation at some point. But the main point is: a low-pressure containment with submarine transport is possible.

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