Linear Analog Clock

We have round analog clocks and digital clocks, but I haven’t seen a linear analog clock. I think it sends a different psychological message to the viewer: that time is moving forward. Or at least, left to right.

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1 Response to Linear Analog Clock

  1. james putney says:

    I have two mentally disabled daughters who are severely OCD. They can’t wait for anything. I’ve been looking for a simple linear clock showing 24 hours (or at least 16). I would put pictures of them waking up and going to bed (a.m.and p.m.) at the usual hours. Then I would mount pictures which show their daily activities, placed above the designated hours.The hours would have three dots (quarter hours) between their numbers. When the girls ask “When is lunch?” I’d say “How many dots left?” Ideally, the clock would make a “ping” sound when it reachs an event.
    Seen such?
    James Putney

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