Digital Electronics Deconstructed

I’m reading Digital Electronics Demystified as a refresher. I have a degree in electrical engineering, but it’s been over thirty years since I graduated, and I’ve forgotten a lot.

Surprisingly, judging by this book, a lot hasn’t changed. I recognize topics like Karnaugh maps, for example. But I wonder, don’t they have programs to do that now?

I remember that I spent long hours working on circuit analysis while in college, only never to touch the stuff after I graduated. Then, a few years later, there was a point-and-click GUI circuit analysis package available for the PC for only a few hundred dollars. All that time and money wasted to learn something of no practical value to my engineering career.

I wonder how much digital logic design is being done these days, insofar as microcontroller chips are so cheap and can do all the logic via software.

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